Information, Computer, Engineering.

Three tough concepts if one looks into details. Three hot directions to be curious about. Three strong legs to build a professional career upon. Three intimate words for all digital natives.

  • Information is more fundamental than matter or energy.
  • Computers in all their forms are shaping each aspect of the world more than anticipated by the most farsighted ones. The computer era has only just begun.
  • Engineering is the ultimate human craft of “making things really work”.

Information. Computer. Engineering. Three cornerstones of one of the strongest degree programs at TU Graz, which is just about to re-invent itself. Telematik—as we used to call it—ignited a revolution in 1985. Telematik was the first degree program at TU Graz to go Bologna around the year 2000. “Information and Computer Engineering” is to take this revolution to a new level. I like to see that curricular committees can still do.

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5 thoughts on “Information, Computer, Engineering.

    1. kcposch Post author

      You are perfectly right. To me, not forgetting “society” as part of the basic mindset falls into the same category as not forgetting to breathe. This is why I didn’t put it into the list explicitly.

      But maybe you are right with your comment in times when “Geiz ist geil” seems to be the most prominent guideline for typical Austrian thinking. As long as we stupidly support almost-no-tax-paying companies the way we do, we should offer a one-semester course on “society for dummies”. This course could be a prerequisite for the course “societal aspects of information technology”.

      1. timhell

        I am very much in favour of adding “society for dummies” as a first semester compulsory subject to all of our curricula.
        Our new ICE curriculum will be discussed by the senate’s curricula commission on Monday and it is very likely that there are further changes, although hopefully only minor ones. Keeping this in mind have a look at
        It’s German only as the intended audience is students still in the German Telematik curriculum.

      2. stefan

        @tim: this information page is great, nice work!

        There is “Technik und Ethik” in the Electrical Engineering curriculum, the lecturer is Prof. Götschl from KFU’s philosophy department (who is great). I never attended that lecture, but for many people I talked to this (and GADI?) is considered a “free ECTS” lecture? So I am not sure if introducing such a lecture will change people’s mindset, as long as in many other lectures society related fields (“KF”) are treated as “easy, trivial => uninteresting/not relevant” and/or “bullshit blabla”? A vicious circle …

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