Becoming sober with sober facts

It was Wednesday, early evening, three weeks ago. Class at 6 pm. Outside the classroom a happy crowd drowning away in alcoholic beverages. Most likely “Sturm”, since it was October. Or was it already “Glühwein”, the ugly sweet stuff people like so much in our areas? Well, it could not have been “Spritzer”, the cheap wine mixed with sparkling water. This they do only during spring and early summer.

Anyway. I could see only one student who brought his alcoholic drink into the classroom. This I consider already a success. Not too long ago, there were a lot more of this kind.

It is Thursday, early morning. Yesterday was exam. The first exam for Bachelor students of Computer Engineering in their first semester.

One of the questions was to sort the following concepts with regard to their frequency: sound, fm radio, mobile communication, visible light, and x-rays.

The sober truth: Only 1 out of 3 candidates could sort in the right order. 27% did not even know that sound waves have the lowest frequency. 41% did not have x-rays as the highest frequency.

I let it up to your sober judgement what to think of this. Hopefully, you are sober this morning. At least, after reading the sober truth above, you should be sober by now.

Shouldn’t we finally get sober and do something?

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