Award ceremony for “Best Of IAIK 2014”

On Wednesday, Nov. 26th, 6 pm, we will announce this year’s awards “Best of IAIK 2014″. Three students will be awarded for

•    the “Best IAIK Master Thesis 2014”,
•    the “Best IAIK Bachelor Thesis 2014”, and
•    the “Best IAIK Internship 2014”.

With these awards we would like to express our appreciation for all students’ achievments. The selection process is always difficult, since there are many more than 3 students who would deserve awards.

We invite all students to join for a strong applause for this year’s winners. (We have asked Ludwig v.B. to come with his combo. Unfortunately, he might not be able to attend).

The ceremony will be included in the presentation of our next year’s project “Bachelor@IAIK 2015″. Watch out for a separate posting on this issue. Coming soon.

1 thought on “Award ceremony for “Best Of IAIK 2014”

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