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Information, Computer, Engineering.

Three tough concepts if one looks into details. Three hot directions to be curious about. Three strong legs to build a professional career upon. Three intimate words for all digital natives.

  • Information is more fundamental than matter or energy.
  • Computers in all their forms are shaping each aspect of the world more than anticipated by the most farsighted ones. The computer era has only just begun.
  • Engineering is the ultimate human craft of “making things really work”.

Information. Computer. Engineering. Three cornerstones of one of the strongest degree programs at TU Graz, which is just about to re-invent itself. Telematik—as we used to call it—ignited a revolution in 1985. Telematik was the first degree program at TU Graz to go Bologna around the year 2000. “Information and Computer Engineering” is to take this revolution to a new level. I like to see that curricular committees can still do.

Check out http://ice.tugraz.at.