“The Magnificent Seven” at IAIK

We are proud to announce the winners of this year’s “Student Research Excellence Awards“:

  • Christian Kollmann
  • Daniel Kales
  • Christian Ertler
  • Michael Schwarz
  • Moritz Lipp
  • Klaus Wagner
  • Manuel Jelinek

(on the photo above from left to right).

In addition, a special award goes to “LosFuzzys”. More on LosFuzzys will come in an extra post.

We selected these 7 students not only for their excellent work within their Bachelor Thesis project or Master Thesis project, but also for their success in publishing their results at major international conferences.

By awarding students for excellent results we not only want to express our appreciation for the work of students, but would like to encourage others to follow suit. The achievements should exemplify that it is well possible to hit extraordinary top-notch levels in research within all the ordinary course work that needs to be done to finish some curriculum.

Do you wonder how to maximize your chances to get your own Student Research Excellence Award? A good starting point for getting this award in 2017 or the year after is to start research within a Bachelor Thesis project at IAIK. Right now we put together next semester’s participants for “Bachelor@IAIK 2017“. Get out your intellectual guns and aim high.

Photo: http://patrickklampfl.at/



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