Sheer Unbelievable. Unprecedented.

Thomas, Christoph, and Maria.

Sharp. Inspiring. Modest. All three. Simply the best.

Thomas and Christoph will have their celebration under the auspices of the President of Austria on Friday, 23 Nov.

In case you are unfamiliar with “promotion under the auspices under the President of Austria”, then check out this link: “Promotio sub auspiciis Praesidentis rei publicae”.

I regularly have met Christoph and Thomas over morning coffees in the kitchen at IAIK. For many years, I have found their witty replies to my morning comments on the state of the world inspiring. These coffee sessions have always boosted my energy levels; what a good way to start the day. Christoph and Thomas, as well as I will leave IAIK not too long from now; I will miss these mornings.

But why do we have Maria on the photo? I leave it open to your imagination.

I first noticed Maria when she—still a pupil in school—did a summer internship at IAIK some years ago. I remember my utmost astonishment about the quality of her presentation in the very same kitchen at IAIK. After the presentation I asked her about where she has acquired all this deep knowledge about programming and cryptography; she bluntly replied, making my jaw drop: “I just learned it during my internship at IAIK.”

Let me add that I could have easily squeezed a fourth colleague onto the photo, too. The continuation of this story is about to evolve soon. Watch out!

I feel honored to be a colleague of Maria, Christoph, and Thomas.


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