We’re rolling. Bachelor@IAIK 2018 is on.

What a start!

Roughly 30 students started at IAIK with their Bachelor thesis projects on Tuesday this week.

We researchers at IAIK really enjoy the enthusiasm of these students. We never had a greater number of students being interested in the unique format “Bachelor@IAIK” that has been offered by IAIK for more than 10 years now.

Within the next weeks, these 30 students will work hard to get their thesis projects done.
With 15 advisors we try to offer an attractive environment for these young “research apprentices”, including offices, coffee, and lots of attention.

Friday, 9 March, the students will come out with their first results in the “Poster Session”.
In case you’re interested in the projects, just pass by after Friday and have a look at this year’s projects. The posters can be found in the ground floor in Inffeldgasse 16a, the home of IAIK.

Feel free to pop up at IAIK for talking to us about your own future Bachelor thesis project. Alternatively, just might as well just ask the students themselves.




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