Preparing for new frontiers

It’s all too funny. I have been calling TU Graz my professional home since 1972. Yes, 1972. No typo. In fall of 1972 I started into a quite astonishing personal journey. With various quite interesting interruptions, I have been hanging out at TU Graz for almost 46 years now. Turning 65 later this year, it is time to think what to do next.

However, it is also time to summarize. A public summary, you might ask. Why this? Leave us alone. Who’s interested?

You might be right. Who’s interested?

So let me try to be of some use for some of you. Here is an example:

Since I will leave Austria by the end of 2018, I currently try to get rid of “stuff” that I no longer seem to need. For instance, approximately 150 (or more) old guitar magazines including their accompanying CDs. Years 1995 until 2005 or so. For example, “Guitar Techniques”, “Guitarist”, “Guitar – The magazine”, and similar. I give them away for free. If you’re interested, just let me know. If you happen to be one of my (current, former, future) students, even better: you have an advantage.

Here’s my personal background in brief: I started playing in bands in 1969 at the age of 16. I played with bands named “Promotion” and “Moneybox”. Later I have worked with a band called “Magic” with band members who became known and might still be known to some of the older among the readers: For instance Günther Timischl, Boris Bukowski, and Robby Musenbichler. At TU Graz, I happened to become the first graduate of “Toningenieur” in 1979. For various reasons, I have not started as a professional in music after this. But this is another story. However, I still own a lot of music gear — and use it also. Just warmed up my Mesa Boogie and ran a few riffs on my Telecaster. Besides gear, I own all these old guitar magazines which I was about to throw into the garbage container last weekend. But then I thought about writing this blog instead.

If you are not into music: I intend to try to get rid of a lot more “stuff” during the next weeks and months. Watch this blog space. I will advertise it here.



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