Kicking off “Bachelor@IAIK 2018”


We invite students to participate in “Bachelor@IAIK 2018” in the spring semester 2018. Join us for getting your Bachelor-thesis project done.

On December 2nd, 2017, we kick off  “Bachelor@IAIK 2018” with a presentation of the project. We are going to offer approximately 20 students to work on their Bachelor thesis with us.

This is the plan:

  • Nov 29, 11:00: Presentation of topics. Get informed. Location: IAIK, Inffeldgasse 16a, ground floor.
  • Dec 11-14: Optionally join one of the meetings of our working groups. In case you found a theme, you might want to join the meeting of a thematic group. Meet people who understand your problem.
  • Dec – Jan: Decide whether you want to participate.
  • Feb 26 – March 9: 1st working block.
  • March 12 – March 23: optional meetings in the writing lab
  • April 3 – April 13: 2nd working block.
  • April 13, June 15: final presentations.

We want you to be successful. Therefore we offer to

  • help you to research a topic,
  • help you to structure your project,
  • help you to become better in scientific writing,
  • show you how we work,
  • ask you to participate in our project meetings,
  • offer you to get to know us better,
  • offer you to discuss your ideas with us,
  • encourage you to master with us times which need tedious work,
  • explain to you what it means to work in science and engineering, an much more.

Alternatively, you can always do your Bachelor Thesis with us any time, too. 
Talk to one of the teachers from your courses at IAIK.


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