Any Idea How to Spend Your X-mas?

Last year I asked you what you could tell your grandpa about studying in Graz and how
you spend all your time

In this blog, I would like to give you some hints how to be able to show off when you meet your colleagues in January again.

You might, for instance, read the book “Free Speech: Ten Principles for a Connected World” by Timothy Garton Ash. Timothy Garton Ash  is professor at the University of Oxford. You might also want to check out the web that comes along with the book:  You might get a lot of good ideas about the current discussion on hate speech, and similar topics.

If you are more for novels, you might want to read “I hate the Internet” written by Jarett Kobek. There you can follow a story about what can happen if you tell the truth and the whole world can hear you. If you are not sure whether you should read this book, read a review here:

I wish you all Merry Reading and a Happy New Book.


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