Austria’s Mobile Phone Signature goes Europe

Today, EU Vice President Neelie Kroes and representatives from the EU Parliament
have launched the “eIDAS Regulation” in Brussels. The Head of IAIK, Reinhard Posch, also attended — for a good reason: Read on.

eIDAS is an EU regulation on electronic identification, not only nationally, but cross-border.

In case you do not know: EU regulations are legal acts of the European Union becoming immediately enforceable as law in all member states simultaneously:

The eIDAS Launch Event included an “electronic signature ceremony.”

Guess which e-signature system has been used? Yes, you got it! Mobile phone signatures as defined by IAIK’s researchers through the project STORK and as being used by more than 400000 Austrian citizens currently.

(Check out:
(Check out:

At IAIK, we are quite happy about eIDAS for several reasons:

(1) We have been fore-runners in this development for quite some time.

(2) Austria’s eGovernment has been rated Number 1 in the EU for many years.

(3) At IAIK, we have been hosting Austria’s “E-Government Innovation Zentrum” (EGIZ, for almost 10 years. EGIZ is the home for many if not most innovative eGovernment solutions like the Mobile Phone Signature.

Do you want to know more? Check out the following:

A letter to President Juncker referring to the Mobile Phone Signatures in Austria:

Want to read more?

Copyright: Photograph showing Neelie Kroes and Reinhard Posch: Audiovisual Services @ European Commission.



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