R. Bloem Hanging Out At “The Vienna Summer of Logic”

When I was a lot younger than today, we celebrated summer by calling it “The Summer Of Love”. This was 1967. If you are interested in this history, check out https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KlxHJGD4ULg


Meanwhile we have 2014. And in Vienna, they celebrate “The Summer of Logic” right now . If you want to meed IAIK’s Roderick Bloem in July, you can find him there: http://vsl2014.at/

Don’t study history! Dive into current affairs: http://www.profil.at/articles/1427/984/376559/logik-wissenschaft-welt.

Just as an introduction to the text in the magazine Profil linked above, you might as well start here:

Habe nun, ach! Philosophie,
Juristerei und Medizin,
Und leider auch Theologie
Durchaus studiert, mit heißem Bemühn.
Da steh ich nun, ich armer Tor!
Und bin so klug als wie zuvor;
Heiße Magister, heiße Doktor gar
Und ziehe schon an die zehen Jahr
Herauf, herab und quer und krumm
Meine Schüler an der Nase herum –
Und sehe, daß wir nichts wissen können!


1 thought on “R. Bloem Hanging Out At “The Vienna Summer of Logic”

  1. Paul Rouschal

    For this outstanding event it is of course too late, but I would still like to add that many scientific conferences and events offer students the opportunity to join the event for free as volunteers or at a reduced fare.

    After the first week as a volunteer I can only say that this is a great opportunity not to be missed. So you should definitely look out for interesting events in your field of interest and join them. I have yet to meet a fellow volunteer regretting coming to VSL. Not only are there lots of interesting nad inspiring talks, but you also get the opportunity to meet the famous people who invented many of the things you learn about in lectures or read about in books and scientific papers.


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